A career in water is full of opportunities, challenges and innovation across Australia and internationally, and educational facilities offer an extensive range of courses and degrees for those interested in working or developing a career in the sector. Opportunities for study in water-related fields cut across courses which include Engineering; Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Law; Health; Population studies; Agriculture; Architecture; Computing and the Built Environment.

Over 220,000 jobs in agriculture and primary industries are supported by water and it is anticipated that there will be a 7.9% increase in employment in the water sector by 2026. Further, 200 water utilities and authorities around Australia employ around 30,000 people, representing about half of the entire water sector.

Other employers in this sector include local, state and federal government agencies; consulting and advisory companies providing expert advice and delivering major works and projects as well as manufacturers and suppliers who provide infrastructure from tunnels and pipelines to water and wastewater treatment systems solutions.

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