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Meet Andrew Hickey - who ensures the right assets and infrastructure are delivered at the right time. Customers and communities benefit from his important work in strategic planning and integrated water management. Andrew’s important role as ‘Growth Planning Manager’ with Greater Western Water is focused on serving Melbourne’s rapidly expanding western region. His organisation is committed to net zero emissions by 2030.

‘’Our people are so passionate and eager to make a difference - I soon realised this was an industry I wanted to be part of.”

Why water?

Andrew studied Civil Engineering and was attracted to the water industry due to a genuine interest in hydraulics and hydrology but also a desire to contribute to better outcomes for local communities now and into the future. After initially working in consulting and delivering large-scale projects including the Victorian Desalination Plant, Andrew moved into planning roles with Melbourne Water before progressing his career at City West Water, now Greater Western Water. Andrew was attracted to the dynamic work environment in the water industry.   

Leading by nature

Andrew believes the water industry is at the forefront of environmental management, urban resilience and climate adaptation. The industry has an incredible opportunity to create more liveable communities and improve lives amidst the threat of climate change.

"In Victoria, the water industry is leading the charge on the state's climate change mitigation and adaptation actions by committing to zero emissions by 2030."

"We are not content to get to net zero emissions through purchasing offsets, we are about making and driving sustainable change for local communities in many ways. These include reducing our emissions at the source, integrated water management to improve our environment, and developing circular economy solutions not just to treat waste but create economic opportunities. It’s a critical time and we have the opportunity to make decisions now that will influence generations to come. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of an industry that actively shapes and future-proofs our urban environments?"

Andrew knows the water industry is different to others.

"Our services are critical and improve lives.  We influence public health outcomes through water supply and sanitation but also through improving liveability, which we hear less about. Water plays a crucial role in enhancing the extent and quality of urban greening - which is fundamental to the creation of liveable, sustainable and resilient places and communities."

An innovative growth industry

The water industry is planning for rapid population growth and delivering continued investment. Andrew’s skills are highly valued by Greater Western Water which services one of the fasting growing areas in Australia.

“Aside from the challenge of population growth, today’s customers expect more from their water retailers. We've responded by investing in a range of solutions that advance the best use of all our resources to drive meaningful liveability and circular economy outcomes."

‘We think holistically about solutions and the outcomes we deliver – it’s not just about delivering an asset.  Often solutions that support many desired community outcomes have benefits that are difficult to monetise, but their value is obvious.’’  

Collaboration unparalleled

Collaboration across the water industry is unique and unlike other sectors.  In Andrew’s role, partnerships with key stakeholders such as developers and landowners are key.   
‘’Within the industry, we all have the same goals and are focussed on collectively driving leading practice.’’  

Continuous learning and career opportunities

The water industry provides opportunities for varied and diverse career paths. Andrew’s diverse roles demonstrate the portability of skills within such a growth sector.
‘’If you are curious and put yourself out there, enormous opportunities will come. Greater Western Water is a very supportive company – care is one of our cultural pillars. By caring about people, we are empowered to make an impact that matters, and people are valued for who they are and what they can bring – we want everybody to thrive. 
‘’I can test things without fear of failure and also develop my skills on the job, through in-house learning or external opportunities like conferences, seminars, networking events or formal training.’’

Embracing diversity  

Andrew recognises that the water industry prides itself on diversity, inclusion and belonging now and for the next generation.  

‘’Those considering a career in water would be amazed by how diverse our people are, something that is celebrated and has appealed to me.  We are all about water, but there’s a huge variety to the work we do. We are an industry full of people from different backgrounds and unique skill sets - from engineering and planning to communications and customer service. We embrace various challenges and constantly innovate to provide the best possible services.’’

 For such an important role, Andrew is relatively invisible to the end customer and communities - one of the industry’s quiet achievers and an essential changemaker.

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