Catrin’s creating sustainable practices

Supply chain specialist.
Positive Impacts.

The seeds for a career in water were planted early for Catrin Moller, who spent time as a child travelling and living overseas for her father’s job in the water industry.

As Category Specialist for SA Water, Catrin works within the consumables category team, focusing on maintaining an ongoing and reliable supply of chemicals used to treat water and wastewater.

‘Through my father's work, I came to understand the importance of ensuring water for the future, creating sustainable practices, reducing water usage and protecting the environment.'

Enabling critical service DELIVERY

‘From the outset it may seem that a role in Supply Chain is simply to purchase things for the business and to be fair, this is how I (very briefly) describe my role to friends or family who are not sure what a role in procurement or supply chain involves,’ Catrin says.

‘But at the crux of it, we enable the business to deliver critical services and ensure there is steady flow of water when you turn on the tap or flush your toilet.

'With this comes the positive impacts our team and the business are making on the environment, leading to smarter ways to work, and finding alternative solutions within our business or with the suppliers we work with.’


Catrin studied a double degree of Law and Commerce at the University of Adelaide, and while she didn’t always have a clear idea where her career would take her, always maintained an interest in the environment and in particular, water.

At the end of her studies, this led her to an internship at the International Centre of Excellence for Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM), which facilitated collaboration, education and training opportunities in the water sector both nationally and internationally for water professionals.

‘Through this exposure and generous mentorship, my interest to work in water was further ignited and I found my way to SA Water when a graduate position was advertised within the Supply Chain team', explains Catrin.

‘Within a few months, I was given the opportunity to join the Adelaide Services Delivery project which was effectively the largest procurement activity the business would see in 10 or so years.’

During her two years on the project, Catrin worked in several roles helping execute the transition to these new contracts while also ensuring continued service delivery.

Community focused

Catrin says she is inspired by the passion of the people she works with – from treatment plant operators, to scientists, to contract managers.

‘At the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goal, and we are better working towards this collaboratively.

‘We live and work in our community and want what is best for our family, friends and the wider South Australian community.’

Catrin's advice to others starting their career journey is to take the plunge and say yes to new opportunities.

‘Build connections, particularly early on in your career, and seek out mentors. Use their experiences and guidance to help you to navigate opportunities when they arise and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions along the way!’

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